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Jaguar Mk2

Jaguar Mk2

Rear view of Jaguar Mk2

Jaguar Mk2 viewed at an angle

Jaguar Mk2 showing rear passenger seats

Jaguar Mk2 interior view

"The Classic Jaguar MK2 is part of our cultural heritage"

This is our beautiful Jaguar Mk2, which has been sympathetically restored to its former glory.

The Jaguar Mk2 was immortalised in the Inspector Morse television series and was often used as a fast getaway car in numerous films at the time.

Our Jaguar MK2 coachwork is finished in Old English white with sumptuous cherry red interior, matching carpet and polished wood trim that is the hallmark of Jaguars from this period. Chromed wire wheels and a smooth 6 cylinder engine complete the specification of this classic wedding car.

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Reading Road, Arborfield, Berkshire, RG2 9HP, United Kingdom
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