Bramwith 7 Seat Wedding Limousine

Bramwith 7 Seat Vintage Style Wedding Limousine

In the same vintage style as our Badsworth with ivory and black coachwork and cream leather interior, our Bramwith wedding limousine seats up to 6 - 7 passengers in style and comfort.  It has a full width rear seat and another rear facing seat behind the driver, known as conference seating.  There is ample leg room for the passengers and space for the Brides wedding dress.

  • The Bride and Groom being driven away in our Bramwith limousine
  • Bramwith limousine with the bridesmaids on board
  • The Bramwith wedding limousine is a practical stylish choice when there is a need to transport up to 6 - 7 passengers. The photograph below shows Terry, one of our most experienced drivers, helping the Bridesmaids into the car.

    Our driver helping the Bridesmaids into the Bramwith limousine
  • Bramwith with the bride and groom
  • Bramwith with matching Badsworth wedding car

Two Car Bookings

When there is a requirement to book a larger second car for Bridesmaids or the Grooms party, the Bramwith is an ideal choice and a perfect match to our Badsworth Bridal car as shown in the photograph above.  It is also the same colour as our Viscount and Royale Windsor wedding cars and we can transport up to 14 passengers when booking both our Bramwith and Viscount.

Seat Belts

Because there is often a requirement to transport young Bridesmaids, Pageboys and children, our Bramwith wedding car is fitted with lap seat belts.  Subject to age and with the combination of a cushion booster seat, if required, some children can be transported safely and legally in this vehicle.

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